Putting a library in a child’s hands

yellobric was set up in 2011 to enable sustainable, long-term economic growth through education in the developing world.
We enrich the lives of thousands of school children in sub-Saharan Africa, many of whom have never had the educational materials to achieve literacy. Leveraging modern technology, we deliver educational texts in a low-cost and sustainable manner to where they are needed most.
We are able to deliver a library of 1,600 books for under £80.

How can I help?

We provide children with easy access to learning materials because we believe that education is the key to escaping poverty. We aim to build a society capable of sustaining itself without aid.
All donations help – just 50p can deliver as many as 10 eBooks to a child in need.

Over £2,000 raised at the Yellobric Chessboxing Ball – thanks for your support!

The Yellobric Chessboxing Ball was staged at the Chelsea Old Town Hall on May 16th 2014. The event showcased the sport being described as “the bi-athlon of 21st Century” featuring contestants hand-picked from the world’s leading chessboxers. The smartest and toughest athletes on the globe battled in the ring and waged war on the board in fornt of 260 screaming fans.

Not only did the event raise a huge amount of cash but it will also be featured on a Brazilian sports channel R7 on Saturday the 31st May.

Chessboxing is a combination sport in which participants contest alternating rounds of chess and boxing. Winner is by knockout or checkmate. Chessboxing was brought to life in 2001 by Dutch graphic novelist Lepe Rubingh. The first World Championship of Chess Boxing was held in 2003 in Amsterdam, and is now part of the World Chess Boxing Organization whose motto is “Fighting is done in the ring and wars are waged on the board.” Oh, they are so clever! Read more here…

Unbelievably I AM POETRY MODE landed a number of spoken word stars including – Oh Standfast ( 2012 Live Canon International Poetry Competition, Shortlisted poet), Freewheelin’ Troubadour, (Dion Power, image above), Talia Randall, Jack Underwood (Lecturer at Goldsmiths College, University of London) to name but a few who have had their work published. Added to this poetic short flims and a lairy open mic session you have one of the best spoken word events this year. A packed house at the Hackney Picturehouse – thoughts provoked and emotionally tweaked, laughed and whooped through the three hours of grade A spoken word.

From Jack Underwood: “When I think about pushing your pram by the pond, all the dogs off their leads, nothing between us and the dark weedy water, I drown you. I’m sorry”

To Uncle Errol: “Fighting to free Africa! I swear if it wasn’t for this frik’n sciatica, I’d be there with you one hundred percent, but my doctor’s note says I can’t be kip’n in no tent!”

If you’d like to see a few clips from the evening head to Yellobric’s YouTube Channel.

Yellobric would like to thank the artists not just for an incredible evening but for their interest in our cause, many of the artists are already involved in causes of a similar nature.

Read a review by the UK Theatre Network here! Special thanks to Kate Williamson of Short Sighted Cinema for organizing the event as well as our sponsors MILK, The Old Vic and Hackney Picturehouse for providing the venue for free! Thanks also to Gem Ahmet (presenter), Meat Fruit Films for producing high quality video of the event and Alexander Brunacci for some great images.

Yellobric has now embarked upon a new stage in its genesis. Thanks to the The Allan & Nesta Ferguson Charitable Trust we have been able to launch a five year programme in one of South Africa’s poorest regions, Mpumalanga. In 2011 the region had an unemployment rate of over 30% and only around 70% of population between 5 and 24 attended school. Gavin Paterson, Rosemary Dally and Peter McCallum visited Bondzeni High School in Bushbuckridge for two weeks in October as a per-cursor to Yellobric’s largest and most ambitious project thus far.

The team spend there time training teachers and then students with the support of the Good Work Foundation’s Digital Learning Centre. The initial year of the programme, which starts officially in January 2014, will see Grade 10 at the school using digital media in English and Geography as an integral part of their learning. This is a step forward form using digital content for referencing as a library. In this project digital content (on 100 devices) will be integrated directly into teaching as a primary resource with the express aim of boosting literacy. Local educator Frances Hyson will be carrying out regular monitoring and evaluation throughout the year.

This is the culmination of many hours of hard work and support, a big THANK YOU to all our volunteers, donors and school staff! Watch this space for further developments.

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