Project Bushbuck


Yellobric’s Flagship Programme – Bondzeni High School, Bushbuckridge, rural South Africa


105 students, 1 full time facilitator, 53 digital libraries, 2Enable eLearning platform including thousands of video lessons and hundreds of online tests


Class 10A Celebrate


eLearning Platform, 2Enable

Expert teacher video lessons in line with the South African syllabus in weekly modules each with a randomised online test. Importantly the platform provides the video content offline allowing operation in remote rural areas such as Bushbuckridge. Yellobric is able to monitor student performance in real time via the 2Enable platform and provide detailed relevant data to donors from performance data. Furthermore, the testing allows teachers to identify gaps in student understanding and our facilitator works hand in glove with school staff to identify and remedy any areas where student understanding is lacking.

Key Statistics

During 2014 52 students in class 10A completed over 400 online tests and benefited from thousands of expert video lessons from some of the top teachers in South Africa. For a select group of students we were able to demonstrate a 13% improvement in literacy rates with some students improving by as much as 50%. In 2015 we hope to bring a satellite internet connection to the school and increase testing to 20 tests per student for the year.


Yellobric is running the only 2Enable programme in a rural state school in South Africa and from our experience hope to pave the way for other similar schools to benefit from this kind of cutting edge learning. Yellobric works closely with 2Enable to overcome the specific barriers to running an eLearning platform in such a poor rural community.

Literacy Programme

English literacy has been identified as the single most pressing issue facing the secondary school students. Once they start at the school students learn in English and read exams in English. Our facilitator Duncan runs extra-curricular reading sessions after every school day to boost literacy levels and giving the students access to over 2,000 digital books on 53 eReaders. In addition to the eLearning testing Yellobric use Annual National Assessments (ANA), nationally moderated literacy exams to monitor literacy levels.