Fundraising Events

Yellobric Chessboxing Ball – CALL FOR FIGHTERS!

We’ve teamed up with the London Chessboxing Organization to bring you The Yellobric Chessboxing Ball! It’s the ultimate battle of brain and brawn and you can be part of it. Join the sharpest minds and fittest bodies in the City to compete over 7 rounds of combined speed-chess and boxing. You and your guests will marvel at colleagues and rivals as they go head to head in this most inimitable of events. If you think you have what it takes or you know someone who does, get in touch with us and sign up here.

Chessboxing – what is it?

Chess Boxing was brought to life in 2001 by Dutch graphic novelist Lepe Rubingh. The original idea of the sport actually came from cartoonist, Enki Bilal.

The first World Championship of Chess Boxing was held in 2003 in Amsterdam, and is now part of the World Chess Boxing Organization whose motto is “Fighting is done in the ring and wars are waged on the board.” Oh, they are so clever! Read more here…


I Am Poetry Mode: A Yellobric + Short Sighted Cinema Poetry-Film Mashup.

Blow away your festive hangover with phonetic fun; an evening of striking syllables, emotive mic-work and poetic short film – raising cash for the charity Yellobric. Teaming up with Short Sighted Cinema the event will celebrate the art of language. We are inviting poets, spoken word artists, slammers, rhymers, rappers – and filmmakers – to join us for a night of dynamic expression and help support education in Africa.

Date: 21st Jan 2014

Venue: Hackeny Attic


Jack Underwood
Oh Standfast
Talia Randall
Sean Mahoney
The Freewheelin’ Troubadour
+ More & OPEN MIC (sign up on door)
+ A programme of short films curated by Short Sighted Cinema

Tickets £4 (via


Ploughman’s Lunch

Tickets sold out for Marcia Paterson’s “Ploughman’s Lunch” at the Garden Studio. If you’re lucky enough to have bagged one – a BIG THANK YOU for your generous support. Thanks also to Marcia and her team of helpers we raised over £1,700. Once claimed, the gift aid will bring this to well over £2,000 – what a fantastic achievement!


 Charity Cricket Tournament

Sunday 11th August, Beddington Cricket Club.

The rich pithy tang of a freshly trimmed wicket greeted players and spectators alike on Sunday 11th August for the inaugural Yellobric Charity Cricket Tournament. An assorted rag-tag bunch took the field at the picturesque Beddington park. Some hoped to paddle a few dingers through the covers, some relishing the thought of steepling in to deliver a large slice of chin music, but for many survival would be the sweetest victory.

4 teams of 7-a-side, 5-over games saw hardened Beddington vets mixed with the fresh meat of friends of Yellobric. Goats in Shakher Karagandy’s players tunnel, the visitors sheepishly made introductions with their newly found teammates.
Vivienne Hayward, known for her “don’t mess with me sonny-jim” attitude came out of umpiring retirement for the big occasion. Fantastic weather and a BBQ resulted in an extremely satisfied, albeit somewhat meagre, crowd.

All-in-all it was a fantastic day. The majority of the matches were close, the sun was shining, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it, and we smashed our target of £200 to raise £400 for Yellobric! Well played to one and all, the money will provide around 8,000 eBooks to schools in sub-Saharan Africa.

Special thanks to…

Beddington Cricket Club for hosting the event for free. Nicks Trevis and Farley stepped up to the organisational plate and put on a fantastic event. Jim Hayward for writing the match report. Nick Trevis also provided enthusiasm, with some gourmet food for sale on the bbq – a man who knows his Beefy from his Petri Burger. Beddo’s steadiest hand, Verity Hayward kindly did the scoring.

We are very pleased to announce that we smashed our target of £200 and raised £400 for Yellobric! See you all again next year….!!!


Short Weekend – 48hr film making fun!

We feel that art should imitate life, so the theme of our first ever 48hr film festival was ‘Artificial Intelligence vs. Natural Stupidity’. Why? The automated email system failed to send the theme to competitors when we first attempted it – 48 hours before the deadline.

Luckily entrants from London, Uganda and Kenya triumphed over adversity and submitted some fantastic entries. We even saw a film written by, er, a robot himself. You can talk to Cleaverbot here…

First prize (a digital SLR camera) went to Meat & Fruit Films for their film Consillyum, which asked the frankly quite scary question: what would happen if we were able to take intelligence in pill form? Congratulations to Claire Scoresby-Barrow and team!

Other entries included Artificial Intelligence vs Natural Stupidity by Chris Obiero,Recognised by Big Car and The Concoct by Project May.

We also screened some other short films on the topic: Automate by Martin Stirling, Do You Love Me by Chris Wilson and Robbie by Neil Harvey.

A huge THANK YOU to all who took part: competitors, our judges, the directors who allowed us to use their shorts, Genesis Cinema for providing a great venue and all the punters who came along to the event.

If you would like to register for next year’s event please fill in the online form here.


Guildhouse Property Triathlon

Members on the Guildhouse and Glacier team will be competing in the Jones Lang LaSalle Property Triathlon on the 25th of May (tomorrow!) to raise money for Yellobric.

Stephen and the team have been training in the Serpentine:

“…so cold, didn’t even manage to do one length before my sinuses felt like they were full of ice cream – send cash!!!” Make sure you donate here…
Thanks to Stephen Oswald and his team in anticipation for all of their efforts tomorrow.


 Future Shorts Festival

Ninety minutes of the best six short films for your delectation.

Future Shorts (the guys behind Secret Cinema) will be helping us launch the charity yellobric with a popup short film festival. yellobric will be hosting the screening which is part of a world wide festival spanning 30 countries. Our screening will be in The Vibe Bar, one of East London’s premier venues on Brick Lane. We hope you’ll hang around after to raise a glass and celebrate yellobric’s charity status.

The films include one Oscar winner and one BAFTA winner, you can watch some of the trailers on our facebook site ( For a full list of films head here:

All ticket sales will go to yellobric registered charity No. 1144590

If you can’t afford a ticket at £9 and have a good excuse email me on the address below and I can give you secret code that will allow you to purchase a concession ticket at £6…