Why Africa?

We are happy to work anywhere in the world where there is a dearth of appropriate content. We have small-scale projects all over sub-Saharan Africa and try to support proactive charities and individuals wherever we can. Currently we do not operate outside the African continent simply because we have built a partnering network around our projects but we are open to application from anywhere. You can apply here [link to application form].

In the medium term it makes logistical and financial sense to focus our efforts in a smaller geographical area. In 2013 we set up project Bushbuck in Bushbuck Ridge, a very rural part of South Africa. South Africa is unique in that it has a large proportion of it’s population under provided in terms of education but a strong up swelling of digital and open access content making it a very attractive prospect for Yellobric. For several years South Africa have included an number of open access digital textbooks in their syllabus and Yellobric hope to attain proof of concept by providing all books digitally in this pilot.

Do remote schools have electricity and wireless access?

We only work in schools with a power supply (of which there are many); however, the long battery life of an eReader (approx. 30hrs) is well suited to disrupted and/or solar based charging.

Generally speaking Wi-Fi networks are not used due to the lack of cabled broadband. Most people rely on 3G networks, although usually the expense of data means that off-line resources are most effective and sustainable in our projects. Mobile phone coverage is widespread; in Ghana for example it is around 80%.

Do the devices break?

We provide cases, protective covers and other accessories with our devices and every effort is made to avoid breakages. Most eReaders should last a minimum of 5 years.

We partner ICT and support organisations to provide technical support if required. This is usually in the form of software installation, training and troubleshooting.

Devices do sometimes break. So far around 5% of our devices have broken, usually due to the screen cracking. Otherwise the devices are little affected by the conditions and dust. Most eReaders are sold at a loss (margins are made back on eBook sales) so replacement is preferred over maintenance.

Do you claim Gift Aid?

As a UK registered charity we are entitled to, and do, claim Gift Aid if the donation comes from a UK taxpayer and we have your permission to do so.

How can I find out more?

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get up to date information. If you would like to contact us directly please email info@yellobric.com. You can also find important documents in our Resource Centre, including our annual report and accounts.