Yellobric is transforming the lives of thousands of children and teachers across sub-Saharan Africa. We support students using digital media so that they can achieve literacy and escape poverty.

We provide students with the educational tools they need to achieve literacy and escape poverty. We aim to build a society capable of sustaining itself without aid.


Too many children across Africa don't have the opportunity to become literate. Illiteracy has a devastating impact on the lives of children and the development of the societies they grow up in. A lack of education contributes to poor political engagement, endemic health issues such as HIV and AIDs, and cycles of extreme poverty.

Yellobric use the most cost-effective, robust and sustainable methods to deliver appropriate content where it is required all over Africa. We use proven digital technologies to drastically expand access to educational materials. Our aim is to deliver literacy and empower students so that they can escape poverty.

We deliver a library in a child’s hands. In schools that may only have 20 paper books we are able to deliver over 2,000 for the same cost. We support charities working in schools with our digital library and they assist us to ensure that it is put to best use.

We don’t just stop there. Partner charities give us regular reports on how the devices and content are being used, additional content required and how our digital library is impacting on literacy. In return we provide training, learning materials and technical support to our projects and help them download and even create their own eBooks.

Not only are we tackling content provision, but directly assisting teachers by using eLearning platforms. This enables students to learn via video from expert teachers. They also benefit from fun online testing every week so they and we can see progress in real time.

We are a group of likeminded volunteers who give up our time freely; you can join us here.


Our flagship programme has improved literacy results by 13% in just one year.
Our brightest student's literacy level was boosted by 51% during the same period. Donation

listening to a story ebook

Yellobric builds long-term relationships with charity partners and schools slowly. We work closely with charities already working in our partner schools. They help us assist and support both the school and our initiatives.

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