Archives: September 2017

  • Chessboxing at OPEN Norwich

    It was never thought that the city of Norwich was ready for the ultimate biathalon. No-one believed that the good people of Norfolk would rise to the challenge of the ultimate test of brain and braun and yet…. so they have. See the bravest and brightest of the East take on fighters from London in […]

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  • School Space Race Winners 2017

    Congratulations to Sir Isaac Newton Sixth form – School Space Race Winners 2017! A team of students from Norwich in the UK managed to design and launch a balloon to a record breaking 33km high. This was around 3km more than any other team. The team where unable to identify the route cause of their […]

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  • School Space Race on the Institute of Physics Blog

    “Tim, when you are in space and you take your clothes off before you go to bed… how do you stop them floating away?” asked a teenage schoolgirl from Norfolk. Read the full article here.

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